Welcome to my website...

I've made a lot of things:

My Birthday Videos

After I turned 18, I had the idea of making a YouTube video celebrating the fact that I just completed 18 years, as well as poking fun at the idea of birthdays, not to mention myself.

It turned out to be a major hit and a lot of fun, hence, I've been making a yearly birthday video ever sense. I make almost all of audio and visuals myself!

I use these videos to reflect on my own personal growth over the past year, as well as practice my audio, music, and video editing skills!

You can check out some of my other projects if you click here.

Amature photography

I am in no way, shape, or form, a professional photographer, however, I do really enjoy taking pictures!

When it comes to photography, I feel that I have a relatively strong common sense concerning what looks good.

I don't see photography as the direction that I will go professionaly, but I do think that cameras are very cool, so who knows, maybe one day I'll end up working on the technology of cameras. Until then though, I'll continue to enjoy it as a mere hobby!

The pictures to the right are just some of my personal favorite that been screen savers of mine on my personal computer in the past. As you can see, I love Michigan State's campus!

I've worked on many work affiliated or technical projects that you can check out:

Matching Game built with Java Swing Library

This is one of the first Java projects that I have worked on and boy have I come a long way!

Though this project though, I was able to learn a lot of the basics of Java and even start working with some basic UI features.

Through this project, I learned a lot of general practices regarding UI design, and it was also the start of my interest in Java programming and hence Android development, as the skills I learned through this project were transfereable and very useful to me while I built Android apps, even to this day!

3DTube Project Design and Production

This is the project that I am most proud of.

Taking the website 3dtube.org that was hosted on Bluehost, I wrote PHP code to GET and POST data from the MySQL database, including photo URLs, video URLS, captions and comments. I then dynamically displayed them in the application making sure to properly pair them all correctly.

I handled data caching, lazy loading images, video buffering and pre-buffering.

I also integrated a wireless controller so that people can navegate the entire app while wearing the 3D headset, as well a implement swipe touch controls to enhance the UX while not wearing the headset.

Website Design and Maintenance with GENISAMA

These are two website that I have worked on.

One was made though sitelio, a website drag and drop creator, and the other was hard coded and hosted through AWS.

These two projects gave me exposure to the world of web development and today I use what I learned though them a lot.

Although I did not handle the AWS side of the hard coded website, I did do a lot of the front end development, learning Bootstrap, and I learned of the AWS technologies, which came in handy when I created a mobil app using Bluehost web technologies.

Work Related Video Creation

As an employee at GENISAMA, I have made a multitude of videos for the company.

I made 3D Videos for making a demo of our products, as well as promotional videos that outlined what the company was, including our products and services.

Morever, I also created small videos to be used as ads for product promotion.

These ads I then ran though Google Ads. All of the videos that I made can be found on the GENISAMA YouTube channel. I used Final Cut Pro and either Creative Commons licensed music, or music I made on my own, for each video.