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Curious about what I can do?

Let me tell you!

Programming in C

I have a good understanding of programming in general, including C, a staple of electrical engineering! Although I have a limited practice in programming, I find myself to have a knack for it.

Java and Android Programming

I am very comfortable working with Java, as well as Android programming, including all of the different facets that come together when building an app in Android Studio! I have built many apps, but most impressively, the 3Dtube application for GENISAMA, which you can find in my portfolio section.

Soldering and Basic Circuitry

I wouldn't be an electrical engineer if I didn't have some experience in soldering and basic circuits. I have gained this knowledge in both my circuitry and physics courses, as well as many of my personal projects for fun (including building a drone from scratch). Furthermore, a member of the Audio Enthusiasts and Engineers club at MSU, I have recieved exposure.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

I have had my fair share of exposure to various web technologies while working at GENISAMA, a startup tech company located in East Lansing, Michigan. Through my previous work, I am confident that even if I don't know how to do something, I can figure it out quickly, and if not, I can seak the appropriate help!


Also thanks to my work with GENISMA, I have learned the basics of PHP and MySQL, where as I feel comfortable picking up a project requiring such skills and making it work and then some! If you want to find out more, check out the "My Work" secion and see the Android app I programmed with the help of PHP and MySQL.

Web Hosting Services

I have either built or helped build projects on both BlueHost, Amazon Web Services, and Sitelio, meaning that I am very comfortable working with multiple different web hosting services. Per usual, if I ever get stuck, I figure it out!

Video Editing

I have made my fair share of videos through Final Cut Pro - for profesional contacted work, projects for school, projects for friends, not to forget own personal projects. I am constantly refining my craft, and this is evident in my yearly birthday video, a celebration of completing another year!

Microsoft Office Suite and Google Drive

I wouldn't quite be a college student if I wasn't fluent in both Microsoft Office Suite and Google Drive. Years of homework, school projects, and the need for team collaboration has led to an extreme comfort in both technologies.

Conversationally Fluent Spanish Speaker

I been speaking Spanish for 5 years, I have studied abroad for a semester in Spain, and am extremly comfortable in conversation with Spanish speaking natives. It would be a dream to use my Spanish professionally.

Flutter and Dart

Driven by my own interest in a cross platform app development, I picked up flutter programming as a hobby and have really enjoyed learning! My Android abilities and undertanding of Boostrap transfered over pretty well and I have been able to make some pretty cool stuff!